It’s called the “Alibi App”, the developer calls it a “DVR for your life”.

The Alibi smartphone app promises to be ‘a DVR for your life.’ It records audio, video and location around the clock to provide proof of what happened whenever necessary. (Associated Press via CBC)[/caption]It’s the ultimate in “set it and forget it”, once started the alibi app always has the last hour of one’s life.

The obvious problems with U.S. wiretapping laws notwithstanding, the implications for police are significant:

  • You won’t necessarily see it recording as it runs in the background
  • You may not see anyone turn anything on
  • Constantly records last hour of video, audio and location
  • The user can save the video and the file is hidden on his phone

In a recorded program on CBC in Canada, the developer says it doesn’t record phone calls (there are other apps that do that).

Click here for the full article from CBC.