Click Here to Nominate Now – Only Two Weeks Left!

The 2013 second annual ConnectedCOPS Awards are underway. We’re looking for the best of the best in eight categories worldwide. We invite you to send in your nominations for the very best police work in social media.

With the 2013 awards we’ve added two categories. One is a strictly civilian category to recognize the civilian member of law enforcement who has achieved excellence in police communication with social media as a civilian/staff member. The second new award is for social media campaign management.

The Social Media Campaign Awards is not to be confused with the Social Media Event Management award. While the event management (previously called incident management) award is focused on a specific event (weather emergency, protest, hostage taking, live shooter) the campaign award is intended to recognize a program designed to address a specific issue or problem over a given period of time.

The other six categories are Social Media Investigator, Social Media Event Management, Top Cop Award, Leadership Award, Excellence at a Small Agency and Excellence at a Large Agency.

Only Two Weeks Left

The awards descriptions as well as terms and conditions and list of judges/partners are available. The deadline to nominate is June 30th.

The 2012 winners were a result of 83 nominations from 10 countries. They were whittled down to finalists from eight countries and the winners of the six awards represented six countries. For more information about the 2012 winners, click here.

The Social Media Investigator Award is sponsored by LexisNexis. We are considering sponsors for each of the remaining awards. Contact Lauri Stevens for more information. The sponsor is invited to serve as a judge and as presenter of the sponsored award. The sponsor’s logo is engraved on the crystal trophy. The sponsor also receives a free exhibitor position at the SMILE Conference®.

Lauri Stevens can be reached at Lauri[at]lawscomm[dot]net.