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Editor’s note: The SMILE (Social Media, the Internet and Law Enforcement) Conference provides officers with all the technical hands-on skills and the practical knowledge to utilize social media platforms for public outreach, crime prevention and forensics. The conference is a great opportunity for those involved in social media efforts to share suggestions and stories on this ever-changing topic. Below you will find social media tips from one of the speakers at the conference.

Senior police leaders, please consider the following advice about social media.

  • Trust your officers. They face bigger threats than Twitter on the street.
  • Help your officers use social media. Provide access and tools to make sure they get the most out of it.
  • Accept that some will make mistakes. Be proportionate in your response.
  • Don’t write new codes of behavior. Use the ones you already have. It’s old wine in new bottles.
  • Finally don’t sit on the sidelines. Social media isn’t a spectator sport. Create a profile and join in.
  • Stuart Hyde was appointed as Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary in January of 2012 after serving as Deputy Chief Constable since 2009. He has national responsibility for Information Assurance, Wildlife and Rural crime and is an active advocate of Social media within policing. He is the UK national lead for Student Crime Reduction, E-Crime Prevention, and National Fraud Reporting Centre. Stuart is President of the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace and is a Board member of the University of Cumbria. In 2008 he received an Honorary Doctorate in Technology from the University of Wolverhampton in recognition of his achievements in tackling online crime. In May 2012 he was awarded the Queens Police Medal for services to policing.