The latest shenanigan from Facebook is that they’ve forced a user setting change to set all of our preferred e-mail addresses to our Facebook e-mail address. You may not have even known you HAD a Facebook e-mail address. Just last week, the social networking giant decided to change all of our settings so that our primary e-mail address switches to our Facebook address. If you don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel, you might have missed it.

Facebook gives you an e-mail address based upon your Facebook username. E-mails sent to it would land in your Facebook inbox.

To fix it back, log in to Facebook. Click on your name in the upper right corner in order to display your Timeline. Then, just under your cover photo, click Update Info. Scroll down to Contact Info in the right hand column, then click Edit. Switch your Facebook e-mail back to hidden and your preferred e-mail back to shown.

When you’re done, send your resume to Jimmy Kimmel. Maybe he’ll hire some real cops to go knock some sense in to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.