The cost of The SMILE Conference™ has been adjusted a bit AND the early bird rate extended by two weeks.

Recently we moved the location of the SMILE conference from a very expensive hotel to a much more affordable, yet still very classy, venue called the “1777 F Street, NW” building. As a result, we wanted to pass some of the savings along and brought the cost of the conference down in a couple ways. Registering at the door for all 3 days is now a full $100 less than it was. The normal registration fee for all 3 days, which now starts February 16th is down by $50 to $699. Likewise, cost for the LAwS Academy one-day only training was lowered by $25 for both the regular registration rate and the on-site registration rate.

Add to all that, the early bird rate has been extended until February 15th. We thought the new website went up only 1 week before the previous early bird deadline and might have caught some people by surprise. So register through February 15th at the early bird rate, the regular conference rate will be in effect after that. There will not be another extension on the early bird.

We hope this makes it a little bit easier to attend the SMILE Conference. Excitement is building. Speakers and attendees are arriving from 4 countries so far.