An innovative and unique parental internet monitoring software program called ComputerCOP is assisting many agencies in their community policing, internet safety/ anti-cyber bullying and agency marketing efforts. This inexpensive, yet extremely powerful and easy to use customizable software is purchased by an agency which then distributes it to parents at no cost to the parents. An agency may purchase it from its own budget, with US DOJ G.R.E.A.T. program funds, COP grants or available seized asset forfeiture funds.

Several agencies ranging from the US Marshals Service, the Alaska Department of Public Safety, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, as well as numerous Florida sheriffs’ offices and ICAC participating agencies have all utilized ComputerCOP software in their community policing efforts to help protect the families they serve, from the inherent dangers of the internet.

LA County DA Steve Cooley distributed the ComputerCOP software to thousands of foster and adoptive families in LA County during his “Protecting Our Kids” countywide initiative with great success. DA Cooley also received an overwhelming positive response from the community and stated “ComputerCOP is an effective way for parents to monitor their children’s online activities and protect them from dangerous images, information and on line predators.”

Michael R. Moore, Beadle County, SD States Attorney states “this software is one way we have found in which we can assist parents in monitoring their children on the Internet. By having the ability to see where your children are visiting on the Internet, you can ensure they are not subjected to images that are not appropriate or going to sites that lend themselves to on-line predators. I would like to thank the sponsors for their support in this program.”

Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mike Reardon says “some parents don’t understand how a computer works and they don’t realize how often children are victimized online. This is very simple. No stress,” Reardon said.

Called ComputerCOP, the software quickly scans a personal computer for crime related words, gang terms, pornography, reviews images and videos and saves emails and chats. PBC Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said that one out of 10 children is solicited for sexual reasons online but only one in 30 cases gets reported. “It’s looking for things we don’t want the kids to be involved in,” Bradshaw said.

Nearly all of our law enforcement customers’ report back to the company that they’ve all garnered very positive media response, as well as tremendous community support from concerned parents who are tired of hearing the essentially useless adage of “make sure you put the computer in an area where you can view it from”. With a free ComputerCOP CD in hand, the parents now own a tool which easily enables and empowers them to truly monitor their children on their computer and help reduce the dangers of the Internet!

Officers who wish to obtain additional ComputerCOP information or to receive a free working software sample may contact me @ 1 800 210 4209 x 222 or email me at

About the author: James F. Marr is a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and a member of the IACP/DuPont Kevlar Survivors Club. Jim directs the marketing efforts for the ComptuterCOP Software Corp. in Bohemia, NY. The ComputerCOP Software was developed to significantly increase parents ability to safely monitor their childrens’ on line activity. Hundreds of law enforcement agencies have distributed this US DOJ G.R.E.A.T. Program approved software free to their residents in their community policing/outreach Internet safety initiatives, which almost always garners their agencies very postive community and media support.