Communication, both internal and external, is essential for law enforcement organizations to be transparent, successful, and to build partnerships. Twitter, Facebook, My Space, and You Tube are how people communicate today and for police departments, they are modern ways of building community partnerships.

At the Sacramento Police Department we are using these social media forums to share and disseminate public safety information, breaking news, funny crook stories, community events, and even as investigative tools. Our organization has received positive feedback about the use of social media.

Information is power and by providing information, we are empowering the community to be more active in the common goal of public safety. For Law Enforcement, it is not a matter of whether you will utilize social media but when.

Sergeant Norm Leong is the Public Information Officer at the Sacramento Police Department. Sac PD Chief Rick Braziel will take part in a panel discussion at the CPOA Symposium on Tuesday, May25th. The panel, “Social Media: What Is It and Who Is Using it?” will also include Chief John Neu of Torrance PD and Assistant Chief Jason Benites of Oxnard, PD. Lauri Stevens will moderate.