This blog will carry articles about law enforcement and social media (SM), how cops use SM, how criminals use SM an how the two intersect. We will bring you content about social media usefullness, success stories, SM innovation in law enforcement, SM policy, how specific LE specialty areas are using SM an etc.

We will not waste your time. We will only post very relevent stories about LE pioneers in the field of Social Media and hopefully help organizations learn how to integrate SM into their agencies. We will also review books, but only those that cops would benefit from reading; as well as SM tools that law enforcement personnel could use to enhance their work. You will not see any item on this blog, even a link on the blogroll, unless LAwS feels it is useful to Law Enforcement. Count on LAwS to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Lauri Stevens will oversee all content on this blog. However, other guest LE experts to contribute to this blog and please contact Lauri if you are a professional in the field of law enforcement and would like to suggest a topic and/or write an article for

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