At the upcoming SMILE Conference®, one of the delegates will win a “Ghost” protective vest. SafeGuard Armor, an international manufacturer and distributor of body armor, has kindly donated the covert vest to allow us to provide one lucky law enforcement officer with cutting edge protective equipment. The vest itself is a lightweight covert vest, known as the Ghost, and is ideal for discreet protection.

The following from SafeGuard:
SafeGuard provide a range of covert and overt vests to a number of professions, including Law Enforcement and the Military. The Ghost vest is their most popular and discreet vest, and was specifically designed and developed with high-pressure occupations in mind. The Ghost benefits in particular from a significant amount of research into temperature-regulation and breathability, as SafeGuard looked to create a more comfortable covert vest than competitors.

The Ghost is available in a range of protection levels, all compliant with international standards, but it is in its breathability and ergonomic design that it seeks to set itself apart, offering adjustable and durable protection without sacrificing comfort. The bullet proof vest is designed with a 100% CoolMax carrier, which maximises the movement of heat away from the body. This material is lightweight and breathable, allowing moisture to be wicked away from the skin and temperature to be regulated.

The Ghost also reflects developments in the production of Kevlar by utilizing particularly thin protective panels that are just as protective. This allows the Ghost to be thin, lightweight, and flexible even at high levels of protection.
The Ghost is available now from in a variety of colors, sizes, and protection levels.

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