social media and law enforcement is one of my favorite law enforcement websites for police news, blogs, and product reviews. PoliceOne, which is also a Smile Conference sponsor has recently come out with an iPhone app. Their iPhone app is a very nice compliment to their website.

social media and law enforcement social media and law enforcement

The PoliceOne iPhone app opens up to a main or home screen and has a bottom navigation bar with home, news, photos, columns, and tips navigation tabs. The news tab will keep you up to date with the most recent and most popular news articles that have been posted on the PoliceOne website. The Photos section provides a picture with a brief story surrounding each image. The column section is the most in depth allowing users to browse by recent columns or columnists. Lastly, there is a tips tab that provides a potpourri of critical information to help law enforcement officers across the board.

The iPhone app is a nice resource for getting the latest police news on the go. The apps functionality is good to great, but it does leave out a few things that I feel would make this iPhone app awesome. Namely, the ability to share articles, pictures, and tips through Facebook, Twitter, and or email. This feature would not only allow PoliceOne getting to get there content in front of a larger audience, but this also allows the user to share content with friends, co-workers, etc. Another great addition to this app would be the inclusion of all the blogs that can be found on the main website. Overall, I give this app a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars and think you will like this iPhone app if you are interested in police news & tips. If you have any questions about this iPhone app or any iPhone/iPad apps please leave a comment or email me at