Out of more than 120 entries, BtoB Magazine selected this year’s best of the best in social media across eight categories. LexisNexis won best Closed Community for the LexisNexis Investigators Network, the secure online community for investigators, analysts and other law enforcement professionals. In addition to winning the Closed Community category, LexisNexis was also named one of the top three favorite entries from a non-technology company and was nominated for the People’s Choice Award.

BtoB selected the LexisNexis Investigators Network from a strong group of entrants due to the community’s success engaging law enforcement. Due to the sensitivity of some topics and the desire to promote safe collaboration amongst officers and agencies,  LexisNexis designed the network with a firewall and limited membership exclusively for users of their public records investigative solution, Accurint® for Law Enforcement, who are licensed after credentialing – putting officers’ minds at ease. “We are truly grateful for this award and are proud to offer law enforcement a secure network to help fight crimes faster. We’d also like to thank the users who have really embraced the community,” said Haywood Talcove, Chief Executive Officer, LexisNexis Special Services, Inc. “With the unique ability for law enforcement to securely collaborate online, this network allows users to share crime-fighting tips and best practices with others across the country – working more efficiently to keep our communities safe.”

Members can connect with peers, learn from noted experts and share experiences to help others across the nation. The network also provides members with tools to upload articles and resources, communicate directly with peers and access news, information and exclusive feature articles. With the ability to securely connect, share and learn via the network, law enforcement can work more efficiently to solve crimes faster and keep communities safe.

There’s no doubt the community appeals to law enforcement, since first launching in early 2010, there are over 5,700 users today, which includes 1,700 agencies across all 50 states.

Learn more about the LexisNexis Investigators Network at The SMILE Conference, during the lunch workshop on Tuesday, May 11th!