Here is what people are saying about Heroes Behind the Badge:

“I am a Deputy Sheriff. The movie brought tears to my eyes.”
“HBTB made LEO’s feel appreciated, respected and recognized for the dangerous job we do.”
“If this doesn’t touch the ore of your emotion of the life and danger of an officer I’m not sure what will.”
“This film touched my heart. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house tonight.”
“I believe that many more people need to see and hear this message.”
“It made me think about how much unselfish work police officers do.”
“Profound, poignant, personal. Must be seen by all concerned citizens.”
“HBTB brings the self sacrifice and commitment to the for front and reminds us of our duty to support our protectors.”
“I wasn’t expecting the emotions that welled up while viewing this film.”
“This was a HARD film to watch but its a very important story that needs to be told.”
“It humanized officers and their families in a very real way.”
“Riveting, revealing, realistic, emotional, impactful.”
“This is a full box of Kleenex movie.”
“Exceptionally insightful into the sacrifices we tend to take for granted.”
“About time we recognized our Heroes.”


“Thank you for opening my mind. I can never take a police officer for granted again.”

The Heroes Behind the Badge movie will screen at the IACP Conference on Saturday, September 29th at 10 a.m. Join us in the San Diego Convention Center in Room 6A, Upper Level. The movie producers will also be announcing other screenings in the coming weeks.

The movie will also screen a the next SMILE Conference™ in Sunnyvale, CA in February, 2013.

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