Open Letter to “The I.T. Guy” –

Why must I change my password so often? Just when I start to automatically type it in from memory, you require me to change it.

Why I.T. Guy? And why must it be in the form of an algorithm or a DNA strand?

I know you’re smart…probably smarter than any two people I know. But why must it be “ten characters, a minimum of two numbers (not sequential) with at least one capital and two symbols (not #) and cannot be something you have used in the last 6 months.”

Why can’t it be “leghound” or “superfreak” I.T. Guy? Why?

What about just a single number? I would use “7” I.T. Guy…nobody would ever guess that.

I’m a simple guy. Yes I’m 41 but still think “Porky’s” is a funny movie and “Hot Tub Time Machine” is the cinematic treasure of the 21st Century. I get my passwords from simple things I can remember I.T. Guy.

I have three computers, at least a dozen databases, two desk phones, two mobile phones, and an iPad. I have a pager I.T. Guy.

A pager.

When you and the other I.T. Guys get together, I’m the guy you make fun of…and I’m ok with that. Just make it easier to come up with a password for guys like me.

I’m the guy who writes down his passwords on a piece of paper on his desk.

Under the mouse pad.

Help me I.T. Guy…help me, help you with network security. If my passwords were easy to remember, I wouldn’t have to write them down on a piece of paper and become THE security risk you worry about.

I think I speak for a lot of people with this message. Please, help us lower humans and quit mocking us with your password games.

Thanks I.T. Guy, I appreciate it.