I spent nearly the entire weekend going through the people and organizations I follow on Twitter, segmenting them into lists. It was a tedious task, but in the end, a bit cathartic. Now, I can see the police departments I follow with a click of one button. Before I had to download my entire twitter list, and delete the non-PDs, it took hours!

I’m very happy with the results. The cop list and police agency lists are what I believe to be the most comprehensive anywhere on Twitter. Unlike other agency lists, mine is purely agencies, and doesn’t also include vendors or LE supporters (that I’m aware of). Those are in separate lists. I attempted to filter out those accounts who claim PD names but aren’t the official Twitter accounts of the agency. I also tried to distinguish when a cop was tweeting as a cop as opposed to as a representative of his department. In all, I’ve released the following lists, with possibly a couple more to come soon (click on each to go there):

Additionally, I have a great social media guru list of the people I consider to be the leaders in social media. You can find it here:

If you’re aware of a person or group that I should have included in one of my lists and didn’t, or did include and should not have, please let me know. either @reply or email me.

The way lists work is that you can click on anyone’s list and select to follow it, without adding all those names to your follow list. So, I’ll keep track of the law enforcement agencies, cops, vendors, etc on Twitter for you. All you have to do is follow my lists and I’ll do the work for you.