Gary Murphy, the Past President of Crime Stoppers International has lost his battle with colon cancer.

On February 6, 2012 Michael Gordon-Gibson issue a statement to the world advising of Murphy’s death:

In Memory of Gary Murphy, Past President of Crime Stoppers International by Crime Stoppers International on Monday, February 6, 2012 at 12:56pm Message From Crime Stoppers International President Michael Gordon-Gibson Monday February 6, 2012.

I am sad to report that Gary died peacefully in a hospital near his home close to Toronto with his family around him at about 4:30 pm EST on Sunday 5th February.

Gary was diagnosed with colon cancer at Easter 2011. Since that time he has continued to live life to the fullest. Recently Gary’s health took an unexpected turn for the worse and he stopped receiving curative treatment.

Gary was, in his own words, a proud “Prince Edward Islander”, graduate of St. Francis Xavier University, 15 year member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Past President of Crime Stoppers International, Current Board Member of Crime Stoppers International, passionate businessman, Spouse, Father, Brother, Friend.

His customary humour, resilience and ability to reduce anxiety in those around him remained with him to the end.

He will always remain in our thoughts and prayers.

All tributes can be seen online here. You are most welcome to add your own if you so wish.

Kind regards,
Michael Gordon-Gibson | President | Crime Stoppers International

Gary Murphy

On a personal note, I would like the world to know of Gary’s tireless dedication to serving our community in a volunteer capacity for many years.

As the Crime Stoppers Youth officer in Toronto, I was introduced to Gary Murphy through Coordinator Detective Larry Straver, who always reached out to ensure Gary’s message was heard at our Toronto Crime Stoppers official events.

It was from these encounters with Gary that I became a true fan of Gary’s passion for helping our community. This led to a few videos being made for posts to social media to try to get his message heard by more people. If you do a search on Youtube for “Gary Murphy Crime Stoppers” you will find many videos of Gary. There is one video that I recorded in Halifax in 2010 about partnership work that Gary was leading for Crime Stoppers programs in Afghanistan that never was posted publicly.

Gary’s message of community safety and his delivery of the message was very powerful. The Ontario Gang Investigators Association were honoured to have Gary and Jim Schield, International Chief of US Marshals Service speak together at our 2010 Gang Investigators Professional Development Conference in Huntsville, Ontario Canada.

Gary was a pioneer in allowing his message to be filmed and posted to Youtube from this event, a traditional ‘non-public’ affair.

If you have the time, please take the time to hear what Gary had to say about how good we have it here in Canada, when he compares the number of people being killed in Juarez, Mexico in 2009. Gary wasn’t just talking about it… he was in dialogue with law enforcement officials and politicians in Mexico reaching out to make partnerships for Crime Stoppers programs to operate to help save lives.

Watch ONGIA Gang Conference presentation here:

Watch Jim and Gary at 2009 ONGIA Conference here:

Another video of Gary lending his voice of support to using social media to prevent and solve crimes came at the 2010 Crime Stoppers Month Launch event in Toronto.

I will end this celebration of what Gary had to offer the world with this video, saddened that the two community builders in the video are both no longer with us. Gary stressed community. This is what I admired about him. Amber O’Hara died of AIDS in the fall of 2011. Amber had become a believer in Crime Stoppers programs mission of helping to stop, solve and prevent crime together after her cousin Carolyn Connolly was murdered in Toronto. I explained to Gary at this event that Amber had been the only person had posted on the Toronto Crime Stoppers Facebook page that ‘Crime Stoppers Sucked” … and instead of simply removing the negative post, that I had been able to reach out to her and provide some education about how the anonymous Crime Stoppers program worked, and that the anonymity of a tip was protected by the Supreme Court of Canada. Gary was impressed by the fact that a negative situation like a murder, and a negative interaction online, had brought Amber and I together, and that we all were now advocating for the value that Crime Stoppers offered our community.

Gary and Amber both gladly agreed to speak on this video that day. I think their words speak volumes of what both of them wished to accomplish-the success and safety of their community .. Both these people had something in common. They cared.. they spoke when they could, and spoke often. Their words will live on in social media forever.

Gary inspired the world with his passion and energy. He has left the world a better place. His legacy will live on.

The funeral mass will be held Saturday, February 11 at 11:30 a.m. at the St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church.

Visitation is on Friday from 2 to 4 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Marshall Funeral Home, 10366 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, north of Major Mackenzie Drive.