There’s been lots of great attention given to Twitter lists recently, and for good reason. It’s the best thing to happen to Twitter in a very long time (when time is calculated in Twitter time that is).

So what if you’re a cop and there’s someone on Twitter that might be someone you want to watch but you can’t click the follow button ‘cuz it’s too obvious and you need to lay a little lower?

twitterbirdroundTwo things to consider:

1. Make a Twitter list. A Twitter “list” can have one person on it. It can have as many as 500 Twitter accounts on it. BUT, you don’t have to follow people on the list. So you make a list of as many or as few people as you want. If you make the list public, people on it will know it. But if you keep the list private, people on it DON’T KNOW IT. I’ve got some private lists, but none of you cop-types are on them, I promise.

2. Click the RSS feed button on their Twitter page. The people followed won’t know who follows them on RSS.

Nothing in social media is hyper-secure, but you know that. However, if there’s someone you just need to keep an open eye on, this is worth considering.

I’m not a cop. Is this useful? At least a couple LEO’s have said they think it is. Just sharing, just in case….