Law enforcement agencies across the country use the CodeRED emergency notification system to coral crooks and alert citizens about fugitives, burglars and dangerous suspects. The CodeRED system keeps citizens informed and encourages them to get involved in protecting their communities and neighbors.

Crook Caught After Resident Calls Dispatch

In Vilas County, IL the Sherriff’s department was looking for a 22-year old man wanted on an arrest warrant. After the man was located he was approached by Officers and quickly fled on foot into the woods. Along with Police K-9 and airplane units, the department used CodeRED to notify residents about the fugitive. One of the residents that received the CodeRED message picked up the phone and called dispatch. He saw a man fitting the description detailed in the message running past his home. “The resident who got the CodeRED message called us immediately after he saw the fugitive. While he was on the phone with dispatch giving us details on the whereabouts of the fugitive, he saw two of our men run past his house in quick pursuit,” said Vilas County Chief Deputy Joe Fath. The fugitive was apprehended. “It’s obvious that we did receive assistance in locating the fugitive based on the CodeRED message sent to residents,” said Deputy Fath.

Keep the Clubs on the Course

Typically golf clubs are seen in sporting goods stores or on the golf course. It’s not often that you’ll see them on a Sunday afternoon being used as assault weapons. Forest City, IA residents received a CodeRED message notifying them of a dangerous suspect who had left the scene of a crime. The suspect fled after he assaulted people with golf clubs. The CodeRED message gave residents a description of the suspect and advised them to stay indoors. “Residents assisted law enforcement with the search. It wasn’t long before we found the suspect hiding in thick brush near the scene of the crime,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Jennifer Ackerman.

Increased Crime Awareness

Milford, CT police recently used CodeRED to warn residents to be extra vigilant after a six week rash of home break-ins. “CodeRED helps us to get the word out quickly when we see an increase in burglaries. It’s the perfect communication tool for education and outreach”, said Crime Prevention Officer Jeff Nielsen. “CodeRED results are immediate. Citizens become more aware. Their eyes are opened to the real possibility of crime impacting their lives,” said the Officer. “The day after each CodeRED campaign we always see an increase in the total amount of calls about suspicious activity,” he said. “It steamrolls interest and motivates citizens to get involved. I know that the use of CodeRED has initiated the start of many new Neighborhood Watch groups in our area,” said Nielsen.